THANK YOU for the amazing response to this event!!  Because of legal space limitations, we will have to limit the number of tickets sold for dinner and entering the brewery.  We appreciate your understanding on this limitatation. 
If you were unable to purchase a ticket before they sold out, we encourage you to still show up  to show your support and participate in the silent auction portion of the fundraiser which will NOT sell out (this will be located outside the brewery in a tent). 

Sunday April 8th, 4:00-8:00 at the Endo Brewing Co.
2755 Dagny Way, #101, Lafayette, CO 80026 
Lunada Mexican Restaurant will be providing a chicken and pork taco bar with all the fixins'
for dinner between the hours of 5:00-7:30.  

Event ticket prices are as follows:
Adult taco bar dinner and event entry-$30
Child taco bar dinner and event entry-$15
Adult event entry only (no dinner)- $20
Child event entry only (no dinner)-$5
(children ages 12 and under)

The event will have a silent auction from 4:30-7:30, with loads of amazing donations to bid on.  All proceeds from tickets and auction will go directly to the Patnode family to help offset the long term medical expenses.   Endo Brewing has generously donated their space for our special event and has offered to donate $1 from all pints sold throughout the entire day of April 8th to the Patnode support fund.  

We'll also reveal limited edition Love for Leo hats that you'll be able to purchase while supplies last!!

Please come show your support for Leo, Dani and the boys and enjoy some great tacos and beer at your local brewery!   

Help us spread the word by inviting friends and family to join.

We hope to see you there!

If you'd like to make an additional donation to their fundraising page, please go to: 
Note-There is a small service fee automatically charged by the website host company for each ticket sold.  
Guest Purchased Tickets
Adam Rongey
Adelynn Novinger
Adrian Wisniewski
Alec Uitti
Alexandra King
Alicia Maltzman
Alisha Gocke
Alston Williamson
Amelia Harriman
Andrea Amrich
Andrea Bayliss
Andrew Davis
Andy Graziano
Andy Walden
Annie Girvin
Asher Walden
Ashton Wisniewski
Becky Maskewitz
Becky Novinger
Ben Archer
Ben Hamilton
Benjamin Fry
Benton Rochester
Bernd Krebs
Beth Dorian
Beth Reece
Beth Walden
Bill Oreilly
Billy Edwards
Bode Walden
Brad Buikema
Brent Hatch
Brett Paradis
Brian Hawkins
Brittany Maracine
Bryce Dorian
Caleb Wisniewski
Caleb Wong
Cathy Rongey
Chad Smith
Charlie Andersen
Charlie Beamer
Charlotte Maskewitz
Chris Andersen
Chris Klinga
Chris Sword
Christopher Carbonella
Cici Krebs
Claire Menzie
Cole Klinga
Cole Miller
Colleen Clarke
Connor Visser
Conor King
Cooper Edwards
Dallas Plese
Dan Ringoen
Dana Wisniewski
Daneille Belin
David Dorian
David Girvin
Davis Archer
Dawn Joyce
Denise Farley
Derek Hancock
Doug Wong
Dunbar Hardy
Edwin Rochester
Elise Draxler
Elise Wisner
Eliza Fry
Elizabeth Fowler
Elizabeth Waters
Ella Andersen
Ella Hebeler
Ella Menzie
Ella Miller
Ella Rosenbaum
Ellie Coles
Elly Paradis
Eloise Gocke
Emerson Hebeler
Emerson Novinger
Emerson Youngren
Emmy Adams
Eric Youngren
Ethan Sword
Friend Of Zach English TBD
Gordy Nilsen
Griffin Maskewitz
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Hale Chargois
Harper Adams
Harper Hatch
Harrison Gocke
Heather Andersen
Heather Archer
Heather Ringoen
Heidi Stauffer
Holly Wiese
Hugh Walton
Jack Bayliss
Jackson Belin
James Guthridge
James Reisman
Jamie Guthridge
Jamie Harriman
Janell Schroeder
Jason Amrich
Jason Gocke
Jeff Hebeler
Jeffrey Harriman
Jeffrey Slocum
Jen Beamer
Jenn Music
Jenna Zemmelman
Jennifer Cenedella
Jess Morgan
Jessica Hebeler
Jessica Sword
Jim Horvath
Joanna Zemmelman
Joel Fry
John Georgis
John Mans
John Samuel
Jon Robichaud
Jon Sullivan
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Jonah Coles
Judy Van Gorden
Julia Hardy
Julia Zemmelman
Kara Plese
Karen Lester
Kate Mahoney
Katie Coles
Kay Cee Drass
Kaye Krebs
Kelly Matheson
Kevin Girvin
Kevin Menzie
Kevin Music
Kim Kleinman
Kim Saunders
Kim Youngren
Kindra Miller
Klayton Adams
Kristin Alger
Kristin Menzie
Lara Edwards
Laryssa Rod
Laura Gillen
Laura Graziano
Laura Wisner
Laurel Rochester
Lindsey Slocum
Liz Blackwell
Liz Jones
Liz Walters
Lola D'Onofrio
Lucca Krebs
Lucia Green
Luke Green
Maddie Gurst
Madeline Maracine
Maks Matheson
Maria Davis
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Marly Ogden
Marshall Girvin
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Matthew Novinger
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Mercedes Ross
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Mya Adams
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Neil Draxler
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Pamela Robichaud
Parker Rosenbaum
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